Andrew Schroeder
Keith Derman
Warren MacGillivray
Andrew N. Pike
Jose A. Torres-Monllor
Mark Voccola
Christina G. Anzel
Michelle J. Brauner
Robert D. Franson
Alycia L. Goody
Carl H. Lemke
Lucas Missong
Scott C. Parkes
Mohan P. Thomas
Shawn Saint

Power and infrastructure financing is complex. As the industry moves to a competitive model and emerging nations turn to the private sector for infrastructure development, the need for an experienced, creative and diligent investment team is more important than ever. EIF's professionals are such a team.

EIF's investment team embodies the full compliment of skills required in the market – finance, engineering, legal, marketing and management. Our combined professional experience in the fund management, power infrastructure and project finance industries exceeds 200 years. Before joining EIF, most of our professionals were involved in other aspects of the industry. Our staff includes former project finance bankers and lenders, project developers, project licensing and operational personnel, and outside and in-house legal counsel to investment advisors and funds, project, bankers and development companies.

EIF's team provides a consistent and stable core of hard-working professionals dedicated to our investors and the companies we serve.

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